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Brookfield BrookField Viscometers

BrookField Viscometer DV-3T (EZ-LOCK) Rheometer
A sophisticated rheometer, combines comprehensive viscosity testing with yield stress measurement capabilities. With a convenient touch screen and many other features, it's obvious that the DV3T offers the most advanced user experience in viscosity testing and measurement at a much lower cost than other rheometers in its class. A 7-inch full color touch screen conveniently displays all test parameters along with measured values for yield stress, viscosity and temperature. On screen graphing shows real-time test data which can be captured in stand-alone mode, recorded on a printer or sent to a PC. Built-in math models, such as Power Law, can provide rapid data analysis for flow index and other selectable variables. Quick, straight-forward, single point viscosity is also easily accomplished with the DV3T making it the ideal "all-in-one" instrument for busy QC labs as well as demanding R&D departments doing comprehensive flow behavior. Each of Brookfield's standard Laboratory Viscometers/ Rheometers are supplied with an internal spring used to calculate the viscosity of a material. These springs have different measuring capabilities:
  • LV is for low viscosity materials and can measure the thinnest materials. Typical examples include inks, oils, and solvents.
  • RV is for medium viscosity materials than those measured with an LV torque. Typical examples include creams, food, and paints.
  • HA is for higher viscosity materials than those measured with an RV torque. Typical examples include gels, chocolate and epoxies.
  • HB is for even higher viscosity materials than those measured with an HA torque spring. Typical examples include asphalt, caulking compounds, and molasses.
Additional special springs are also available upon request.
Features and Benefits:
  • 7-inch full color, touch screen display supports multiple languages
  • Displayed info includes: viscosity (cP/mP·s), temperature (°C/°F), shear rate/stress, % torque, spindle/speed, step program status, math model calculations
  • Enhanced Security with customizable user access, date/time stamp file, password access, portable log-in settings
  • Built-In options include math modeling, yield tests, timed tests, data averaging, programmable QC limits/alarms, customizable speed/spindle lists, on screen data comparison
  • Auto range shows maximum viscosity measured with any spindle/speed combination
  • Analyze characteristics such as yield stress, flow curves, leveling and recovery
  • Integrated temperature control with connection to a Brookfield TC series bath and AP Controller
  • USB PC interface provides optional computer control and automatic data gathering capability (included)
  • Download custom test programs with included PG Flash software
  • Front-facing bubble level for convenient viewing
  • Built-in temperature probe
  • Accuracy: ±1.0% of range with displayed test data
  • Repeatability: ±0.2%
  • NIST traceable viscosity standards available
  • FREE Rheocalc T Software.

Model Viscosity Range
Min Max RPM No. of Increments
LVDV-3T 1 6M .1-250 2600
RVDV-3T 100 40M .1-250 2600
HADV-3T 200 80M .1-250 2600
HBDV-3T 800 320M .1-250 2600

BrookField Viscometer DV-3T

BrookField Viscometer DV-2T
The most versatile, continuous sensing Viscometer with a new look.
  • 5 inch full colour touch screen display.
  • Displayed Info.
  • Enhanced Security
  • Built-in Options
  • Auto Range Showing
  • USB PC Interface
  • Convenient Bubble Level
  • Download custom test programs
  • Accuracy: ±1.0% of range
  • Repeatability: ±0.2%
  • Built-in RTD Temperature Probe
  • FREE Rheocalc T Software.

Model Viscosity Range
Min Max RPM No. of Increments
LVDV-2T 1 6M .01-200 54
RVDV-2T 100 40M .01-200 54
HADV-2T 200 80M .01-200 54
HBDV-2T 800 320M .01-200 54

BrookField Viscometer DV-2T

BrookField Viscometer DV-E
This lowest cost digital viscometer reads viscosity in cP or mPa.s without the need for manual calculations. The DV-E display also shows % torque, spindle, and speed. Perfect for the first-time user!

Model Viscosity Range
Min Max RPM No. of Increments
LVDV-E 1 2M .3-100 18
RVDV-E 100 13M .3-100 18
HADV-E 200 26M .3-100 18
HBDV-E 800 104M .3-100 18

BrookField Viscometer DV-E

BrookField Viscometer Dial Reading
The original Brookfield Dial Reading Viscometer is the lab standard used around the world. Some manual calculation is required to obtain centipoises values. Works with a variety of Brookfield accessories.

Model Viscosity Range
Min Max RPM No. of Increments
LVT 1 2M .3-60 8
RVT 100 8M .5-100 10
HAT 200 16M .5-100 10
HBT 800 64M .5-100 10

BrookField Viscometer Dial Reading

BrookField Viscometer Fann Type
The Brookfield BF35 Viscometer measures viscosity of oil drilling and fracturing fluids at atmospheric pressure in both field and laboratory settings.

Model: BF35, Brookfield Fann Type Viscometer.

BrookField Fann Type Viscometer

BrookField Stormer Viscometer KU-2
The KU-2 Stormer Viscometer is widely used for making viscosity measurements on paints/coatings in accordance with ASTM D562 and provides direct readout in centipoise, Krebs units and grams.

Model: KU-2, Brookfield Stormer Viscometer, for Paints, Coatings and Inks.

BrookField KU-2 Stormer Viscometer

BrookField Falling Ball Viscometer
The Brookfield Falling Ball Viscometer uses the simple - but precise - Höppler principle to measure the viscosity of Newtonian liquid by measuring the time required for a ball to fall under gravity through a sample-filled tube.

Model: KF-30, Brookfield Falling Ball Viscometer, fixed angle of 80° and complies with DIN 53015.
Model: KF-40, Brookfield Falling Ball Viscometer, can be angled at 50°, 60°, 70° and 80°.

BrookField Falling Ball Viscometer

BrookField Cone and Plate Viscometer
The Wells-Brookfield Cone/Plate is available as DV-I Prime and DV2T Viscometers as well as DV3T Rheometers. Ideal for use with small sample size (0.5 to 2.0 mL). The Wells-Brookfield Cone/Plate provides complete viscosity characterization of your material at defined shear rates.

Model Viscosity Range
Min Max RPM No. of Increments
LVDV-2T CP .2 92K .01-200 54
LVDV-1P CP .3 30K .3-100 18
RVDV-2T CP 1.6 983K .01-200 54
RVDV-1P CP .3 327K .3-100 18
HADV-2T CP 3 2M .01-200 54
HADV-1P CP 6.6 655K .3-100 18
HBDV-2T CP 13 7.8M .01-200 54
HBDV-1P CP 26 2.6M .3-100 18

BrookField Wells Cone Plate Viscometer


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