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Vacuum Pumps
Rocker Vacuum Pump
Rocker is a piston powered and oil-free vacuum pump. It contains a moisture trap/vacuum regulator and is compact, light, with aluminium die-cast construction. Rocker is not only suitable for liquid filtration but also perfect for stack or ambient gas sampling. Not chemical resistant.

Cat# Product Max Vacuum Max Flow
7010 Rockyvac 300 -670 mm Hg 18 LPM
7011 Rockyvac 400 -670 mm Hg 34 LPM
7012 Rockyvac 801 -670 mm Hg 68 LPM
7013 Rockyvac 410 -730 mm Hg 20 LPM
7014 Rockyvac 430 -630 mm Hg 28 LPM
7015 Rockyvac 811 -735 mm Hg 40 LPM

Rocker Vacuum Pump

Chemker Vacuum Pump
Rocker is a diaphragm type and oil-free vacuum pump. It is compact, light, with all wettable parts of Teflon. Chemker is suitable for Rotary Evaporators, Gel Drying and other laboratory vacuum applications.

Cat# Product Max Vacuum Max Flow
7016 Chemvac 300 -600 mm Hg 22 LPM
7017 Chemvac 400 -600 mm Hg 34 LPM
7018 Chemvac 410 -750 mm Hg 25 LPM
7019 Vacuum Regulator

Chemker Vacuum Pump

Tanker - Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump with Moist Filter
Tanker is an oil-sealed High vacuum pump. It is compact, light, quiet, low vibration. Used for medium and high vacuum application like vacuum drying, centrifugal concentrator, etc.

Cat# Product Max Vacuum Max Flow
7130 Tanker 130 0.1 Torr 70 LPM
7131 Tanker 150 0.1 Torr 127 LPM
7132 Tanker 215 0.05 Torr 36 LPM
7133 Exhaust Filter
7126 Lubricant 500ml

Tanker Oil-Sealed Vacuum Pump

Hand Operated Vacuum Pump
Tarsons. Material: PVC.
Durable vacuum pump attains and holds a vacuum of 25" of Hg. Pumping rate: 15cc/stroke. Positive Pressure: 7psig at the exhaust port.
Cat#: 402002.
Hand operated Vacuum Pump

Tarsons Vacuum Trap
Recommended to protect your Vacuum Pump. For trapping any liquids or chemicals carried over from your apparatus, before they reach the pump.
Kindly note that effectiveness varies as per application. Please remember to empty when full.

Cat#: 7125. Tarsons Vacuum Trap Kit. Capacity: 1000ml. Contains 1no Bottle (PP, Heavy Duty, Vacuum resistant), 3 port screw cap, 2 lengths of tubing.

Tarsons Vacuum Trap











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