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Trays & Baskets
Drying Racks, Tarson
Tarsons Glassware Drying Racks are specially designed for maximum utility and usability. The two models offer various features for different labs.

Cat#: 240050. No. of pegs: 20. Fixed pegs on a plastic board.

Cat#: 241100. No. of pegs: 30. This wall mounted rack has 30 drying pegs and a detachable trough. Pegs can be esaily snapped in and out and removed in case of drying larger glassware. Trough has a drain hole for drainage of water and can be taken out for cleaning.

Tarsons Drying Rack Tarsons Drying Rack

Utility Carrier, Tarsons
Material: PP. Autoclavable.
This carrier with Handle is convenient when going for sample collection, etc. Stackable when empty.

Cat#: 240080. Utility Carrier, Tarsons. Size: 380x240x115mm. 2/Pack.

Tarsons Utility Carrier

Utility Tray, Tarsons
Material: PP. Autoclavable.
Various sizes of Utility Tray are ideal for washing galssware, carrying small articles, autoclaving, etc. Can also be used to soak articles in various solutions. Strong and sturdy, wide side lifting handles integrated into the rim. Stackable when empty.

Cat# Size mm Packing
242000 320x260x70 6
242010 320x260x100 6
240070 320x310x130 2
240090 540x435x130 2

Tarsons Utility Tray

Instrument Sterilizing Pan, Tarsons
Material: PP. Autoclavable.
These autoclavable pans have a cover which fits into a groove on the pan rim to minimize spillage of material. Smaller size can be used to sterilise small instruments whereas the larger sizes allows pipettes to be fully immersed in disinfectant prior to sterilising.

Cat# Size mm Packing
551010 220x150x70 2
551020 450x150x70 2

Tarsons Instrument Sterilizing Pan

Test Tube Basket with Cover, Tarsons
Material: PP. Autoclavable.
Autoclavable Baskets in 3 sizes are ideal for washing, sterilising, storing, carrying Test Tubes, glassware, Vacutainers, etc. Lids have a locking system to securely hold contents. Baskets should not be stacked during autoclaving.

Cat# Size mm Packing
180010 110x120x150 6
180020 180x170x160 6
180030 230x230x230 4

Tarsons Test Tube Basket with Cover

Draining Tray, Tarsons
Material: PC. Autoclavable.
These autoclavable perforated trays can be placed in a sink for cleaning glassware and plasticware to decrease the chance of damage. All corners are rounded and smooth for easy cleaning. Can be used for autoclaving also.

Cat# Size mm Packing
109000 400x300x100 2

Tarsons Draining Tray


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