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Tarsons Bottle Top Dispenser
A completely new range of Bottle-Top Dispensers, introduced by Tarsons. Variable Volume. Available in two types: Accupense and masterpense.
These autoclavable Bottle Top Dispensers are used for taking accurate aliquots of liquid from a large bottle. These are very useful and important when handlig aggresive liquids such as solvents, ensuring safety and avoiding wastage.
The recirculating valve in masterpense Dispenser allows recirculating during Priming to avoid risk of splashes caused by air bubbles during priming and also avoids reagent wastage. Valve control knob indicates the valve position. These dispensers come with 3 thread adaptors and telescopic intake tubes.

Voume Range Dispensing Step Accupense
0.25 to 2.5 ml 0.05 ml 050090 051190
0.5 to 5 ml 0.10 ml 050091 051191
1 to 10 ml 0.20 ml 050092 051192
2.5 to 25 ml 0.50 ml 050093 051193
5 to 50 ml 1.00 ml 050094 051194
20 to 100 ml 2.00 ml 050095 051195

Tarsons Bottle Top Dispenser

Tarsons Digital Burette
Another new introduction from Tarsons. Easy to use, with recirculating valve for easy priming.
The Digital Burette has a recirculating valve and double piston pump for permanent and pulse free dispensing technique which allows the desired volume to be dispensed continuously thus eliminating the need for new liquid aspiration each time. The medium is dispensed by simply rotating the wheels with a dispensing rate of 2,500 µl per rotation. The display ranges from 0.01ml to 999.9ml. The 360° rotatable discharge tube can be horizontally set from 142-200mm and vertically from 210-370mm.

Cat# Type Volume/Turn µl
531000 Titertop E 2500
531001 Titertop RS 5000

Tarsons Digital Burette

SPINWIN - Microcentrifuge - 13,500rpm

Regret. Product Discontinued.

Cat#: 1030. SPINWIN - Microcentrifuge MC-02, 13,500rpm, 12x1.5ml.

Spinwin Microcentrifuge 13500rpm

SPINWIN - Microcentrifuge
A Quiet and Efficient unit, with a small footprint. RPM and run-time can be set on the digital display, using the membrane key pad. Pulse option also provided. Standard fixed angle rotor for 6x1.5ml micro tubes. Optional extra rotor for 12x0.5ml micro tubes. Speed upto 10,000 RPM, RCF: 5585g.

Cat#: 1020. SPINWIN - Microcentrifuge.
Cat#: 1001. SPINWIN - Microcentrifuge - Spare Rotor for 6x1.5ml.
Cat#: 1002. SPINWIN - Microcentrifuge - Spare Rotor for 12x0.5ml.
Spinwin Microcentrifuge

SPINWIN - Microcentrifuge - Fixed
A tiny microcentrifuge, ideal for short spins. Quiet and reliable, small foot print. Independent On/Off switch. Fixed speed of 6000 RPM / 2000g.

Cat#: 1000. SPINWIN - Microcentrifuge - 2 places rotor for 6x200ul tube strips.
Cat#: 1010. SPINWIN - Microcentrifuge - 6 places rotor for 1.5ml tubes.
Microcentrifuge - Spinwin - Fixed

SPINIX - Vortex Shaker
An extremely sturdy and reliable unit - ideal for extended use in research and clinical labs. With 3 attachments for shaking tubes, flasks & microcentrifuge tubes. With speed regulator & switch for constant on & touch on. Heavy metal base & rubber feet prevents movement of the shaker during use. Maximum speed: 3000 RPM.

Cat#: 3020. SPINIX - Vortex Shaker.
Cat#: 3001. SPINIX - Vortex Shaker - Spare Cup Attachment.
Cat#: 3002. SPINIX - Vortex Shaker - Spare One Hand Attachment.
Cat#: 3003. SPINIX - Vortex Shaker - Spare One Hand Insert.
Cat#: 3004. SPINIX - Vortex Shaker - Spare Micro tube Insert.

Vortex Shaker - Spinix

ROCKYMAX - Rocking Shaker
Used for staining and destaining gels, hybridization procedures, haematology and blotting techniques. It has a variable speed, powerful DC motor to provide gentle rocking motion. All the moving parts are fitted with bearings for quiet, trouble-free and smooth operation. The most advanced Gel Rocker in the market today.

Speed: 10-50rpm (Digital).
Timer: 99hrs 99min (Digital).
Platform: 30x30cm.
Max Load: 10kg.

Cat#: 4080. Rockymax - Rocking Shaker.

Rockymax Gel Rocker

Dancing Shaker
Three dimensional combination of rocking & orbital motion is ideal for applications requiring gentle, low foaming agitation and uniform mixing at slow speed. Application includes staining and destaining gels, blotting techniques, Retroviral infection, cell culture and mixing of lab samples. The speed is adjustable from 0-60 RPM & max load is 2kg.

Cat#: 3040. Dancing Shaker.

Dancing Shaker

STERIPETTE XL - Pipette Controller
Light-weight, cordless, Battery operated Pipette Controller. Handles both glass and plastic pipettes from 0.1ml to 100ml. UV-Resistant. With Lithium ion battery.

Cat#: 2040. STERIPETTE XL - Pipette Controller.
Cat#: 2041. Spare Filters, 3 per Pack.

Steripet XL Pipette Controller

STERIPET - Pipette Controller
Regret. Product Discontinued.

Cat#: 2020. STERIPET - Pipette Controller.

Steripet Pipette Controller

ROLYMAX - Tube Roller
Product discontinued.

Cat#: 990010. ROLYMAX - Tube Roller. Model: 205RM. 5 Rollers. Speed: 40 RPM. Dimension: 48L x 22W x 11H cm.

Rolymax Tube Roller

Rotospin - Test Tube Rotator
Provides mixing for diffusion, dialysing, extraction, etc.
Rotation can be set from 5-50RPM.
Timer can be set from 0-99hrs/1-59min.
Angle of rotation adjustable from horizontal for minimal mixing to vertical for full end over end mixing.
Plastic coated spring clips.
3 rotating disks are available (to be ordered separately).

Cat#: 3070. Rotospin Test Tube Rotator.
Cat#: 3071. Disk for 24x1.5ml tube.
Cat#: 3072. Disk for 18x15ml tube.
Cat#: 3073. Disk for 18x50ml tube.

Test Tube Rotator - Rotospin
Rotospin - Rotary Mixer
Provides serial rotation of tubes for extraction, diffusion, etc.
Mixing action can be set from 5-50RPM.
Timer can be set from 0-99hrs/1-59min.
Rotating bars for tube dia from 10-30mm.
Plastic coated spring clips.
3 bars are available (to be ordered separately).
Quick, easy coupling for exchange of rotating bars.

Cat#: 3090. Rotospin Rotary Mixer.
Cat#: 3091. Bar for 50x1.5ml tube.
Cat#: 3092. Bar for 20x15ml. tube.
Cat#: 3093. Bar for 12x50ml. tube.

Test Tube Rotary Mixer - Rotospin

Tarsons Rocker Vacuum Pump
Tarsons Chemker Vacuum Pump
Tarsons Hand-operated Vacuum Pump
Tarsons ACCUPIPET - Variable Volume Micro Pipette
Tarsons FIXAPETTE - Fixed Volume Micro Pipette


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