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Parafilm etc.
Tarsons Parafilm
Parafilm M is a thermoplastic self-sealing film that holds moisture loss to a minimum and offers excellent barrier protection to the contents of tubes, beakers, flasks, petridish, vials, etc.

Cat#: 380010. Parafilm M. Roll of 2" x 250'.
Cat#: 380020. Parafilm M. Roll of 4" x 125'.
Cat#: 380030. Parafilm M. Roll of 20" x 50'.

Tarsons Parafilm

Tarsons Parafilm Dispenser
This Dispenser is designed for smooth film withdrawals and clean quick cutting slides across for cutting the desired length. Dispenser holds One or Two of 2" rolls or One 4" roll.

Cat#: 380000. Parafilm M Dispenser.

Tarsons Parafilm Dispenser

Tarsons Kimwipe
Kimwipes are a low-lint tissue paper, ideal for clean rooms, wiping optics, etc.

Cat#: 370080. Kimwipes, Size: 11.7x21.3cm, 280 per Pack.
Cat#: 370090. Kimwipes, Size: 37.3x42.16cm, 140 per Pack.

Tarsons Kimwipes

Tarsons Dura Seal Stretch Film
Regret, Discontinued.
Tarsons Dura Seal Stretch Film

Tarsons Bytac Bench Protector
Bytac is a laminate consisting of FEP film that is bonded to vinyl backing. Bytac provides an easy and economical way to protect bench tops, fume hood surfaces with a non-stick chemical resistant fluoropolymer film. It creates a non-absorbent, contamination free surface that can be washed with chlorine bleach for clinical and biological labs. Corrosive chemicals or sticky substances are easily removed by wiping with damp sponge.

Cat# Size cm.
391000 32 x 460
392000 63.5 x 460

Tarsons Bytac Bench Protector

Tarsons Spilfyter Lab Soakers
Chemical and skid resistant backing absorbs spills and cushions delicate glassware. Used for lining hoods, animal cages, trays, drawers or shelves. Can be used as bench top protector and as a floor soaker for wiping up spills.

Cat# Size cm. Packing
Light-duty soakers absorb 750 ml/sq.meter.
590010 16" x 20" pad 250 pads
590020 20" x 400' Roll 1 Roll
Heavy-duty soakers with durable top fabric absorb 1050 ml/sq.meter.
590030 16" x 20" pad 200 pads
590040 20" x 200' Roll 1 Roll

Tarsons Spilfyter Lab Soakers

Tarsons Tough Tags / Tough Spots
Chemically inert polyester labels which will adhere strongly to all plastics and other materials. They are temperature resistant from -40°C to 121°C. Will withstand autoclaving, boiling water baths, freezer temperatures, organic solvents, caustic agents and other challenges without peeling. Pack of 1000 each.

Cat# Description Size cm.
500060 Tough Tags 24 x 12.7 mm.
500070 Tough Tags 32.5 x 12.7 mm.
500080 Tough Spots 9.5 mm dia.
500085 Tough Spots 12.7 mm dia.

Available in the following colours:
Tough Tags: B=Blue, G=Green, R=Red, W=White.
Tough Spots: B=Blue, O=Orange, G=Green, R=Red, Y=Yellow, W=White.

Tarsons Tough Tags

Tarsons Tough Spots Assorted Colours
Tough Spots, but 5-up Assorted Colours.
Pack of 5000 each. Sized to fit Microcentrifuge Caps or Lids. Pre-cut, Peel-off Spots for easy identification.
Colours: Yellow, Lavender, Blue, Green, Red.

Cat# Description, Size cm.
500081 3/8" Tough Spots
500082 1/2" Tough Spots

Tarsons Tough Spots Assorted Colours

Tarsons Tough Tags Station
Tough Tags Station holds upto six standard sized boxes of tough Tags, Tough Spots or Cryo Babies.

Cat#: 500090. Tarsons Tough Tags Station. Size: For 6 Rolls.

Tarsons Tough Tag Station

Tarsons Multi Purpose Labelling Tape
Autoclavable tapes adhere to almost any dry surface i.e. glass, plastic, metal, paper or rubber. Sticks throughout the most demanding procedures and is oil-proof, water-proof and acid resistant. Size: 0.75" x 500".

Available in the following colours:
B=Blue, G=Green, O=Orange, W=White, Y=Yellow.

Cat#: 680000. Tarsons Multi Purpose Labelling Tape. Size: 0.75" x 500".

Tarsons Multi Purpose Labelling Tape

Tarsons Multi Tape Dispenser
These dispensers facilitate easy dispensing from one location. Unique design allows fast addition or replacement of tape rolll.

Cat#: 680011. Tarsons Multi Tape Dispenser. Size: For 500" Roll.

Tarsons Multi Tape Dispenser

Tarsons Indicator Tapes
Indicator Tape for Steam Autoclave - Versatile tape indicates completion of normal sterilization process.
Cat#: 670050. Tarsons Indicator Tape for Steam Autoclave. Size: 1" x 500".

Hi Temperature Indicator Tape for Dry Oven.
Speciality cloth texture Hi Temperature indicator tape shows the word STERILIZED in bold letters after the standard sterilization procedure. The tape sticks to almost any surface or shape, holds fast in dry oven temperature. It withstands acids, oils and greases.
Cat#: 670080. Tarsons Hi Temperature Indicator Tape for Dry Oven. Size: 0.75" x 250".

Tarsons Indicator Tape for Steam Autoclave

Tarsons Petri Seal

A sealing tape specifically designed for Petri Dish and Multiwell plates to reduce evaporation and prevent contamination.

Available in the following colours:
Tough Spots: B=Blue, C=Clear, R=Red, W=White, Y=Yellow.

Cat#: 570011. Petri-Seal. Size: 0.5" x 108'.

Tarsons Petri Seal


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