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pH Electrodes, Conductivity Cells, Industrial Electrodes, etc.

Micro Combination pH Electrodes measure small samples and are available in a variety of sizes, including a needle tip to pierce septa and a long-bodied electrode. With Ag/AgCl references, Micro-pH electrodes provide fast, stable responses with a minimum of sample.

pH electrodes are tough epoxy bodied combination pH electrodes with a gel filling so you never need to worry about electrode maintenance or refilling again. They are compatible with nearly every pH meter straight out of the box or with a simple adapter cable.
Single or double junction for demanding application
Choice of sizes and lengths available.
Standard models feature an extended body which protects the sensitive pH sensing bulb. You can even use an EpoxyTough to stir your sample with to get a fast stable reading.


  • pH Range: 0-14pH
  • Response: 95% in one second (bulb types)
  • Body material: Glass or Epoxy
  • Isopotential Point: 7.0 pH (0 mV)
  • Offset: +/- 0.20 pH
  • Cable length : 75cm
  • Connectors: BNC
Adapters are available for DIN and US STD. Other connectors are also available as special order.
Type pH Range Temp °C Applications
Combined Electrodes for pH Meters
ST21 0-14 20-100 Glass Body
ST22 0-14 20-80 Epoxy Body
ST23 0-14 20-100 Micro Type
ST24 0-14 20-100 Flat Surface
Single pH Electrode
ST01 0-14 20-100 Glass Body - use with Reference
pH Combined Electrode

Reference Electrodes are necessary to complete a measuring circuit, when using half cell sensing electrodes. The reference electrode is usually based on Silver or Mercury.
Cat# Description Temp °C
ST11 Glass Body - Hg/HgCl2 0-70
ST13 Glass Body - Ag/AgCl 0-100
ST14 Glass Body - Hg/HgSO4 0-70
Reference Electrode

  • Oxidation Reduction potentials are measured by using ORP Sensors. The common metals used are Platinum and Silver.
  • ORP electrodes are provided with a platinum sensor for most applications
  • Featured in this section are plastic body ORP (REDOX) electrode bodies constructed of epoxy.
  • Only high grade platinum is utilized for outstanding performance. Both rod and band technology is available.
  • Silver is also available as alternate sensing noble metals
Cat# Description
ST31 Single Silver - Use with reference
ST32 Combined Silver
ST33 Single Platinum - Use with reference
ST34 Combined Platinum
ST35 Double Platinum - KF Titrations
Metallic Electrode

Electrolytic conductivity is a measure of the ability of a solution to carry electric current . Solutions of Electrolyte, conduct an electric current by the migration of ions under influence of an electric field.
In most cases, conductivity measurement in water solutions indicates the concentration of dissolved salts. This gives important information when determining water quality or monitoring a specific ion in an industrial process such as salt in food manufacture.
Type Cell Constant Applications
Glass Epoxy
ST41 ST44 0.5 Lab Use, Drinking water
ST42 ST45 1.0 Lab Use, Drinking, Surface & Waste Water
ST43 ST46 0.1 Boiler feed water
Conductivity Cell

Autoclavable / Steam Sterilizable Electrodes
Sensor Tech offers high temperature, Steam Sterilizable Sensors for several types of process controls. pH monitoring plays pivotal role in process industries. Sensor Tech sensors are specially designed for critical biotech applications in various processes.
Chemical processes necessitate sensors to withstand acids or strong alkaline solutions at high temperatures.

Bioprocesses require Stream Sterilized Sensors in bio-reactors and fermentation vessels. Sensor Tech electrodes provide stable results and with stand repeated steam sterilization cycles.
Built in temperature - optional
Compatible with any pH transmitter / Meter

Cat# Description pH Range Temperature Range °C
ST53 Sealed, Threaded (High Temp.) 120mm PG 13.5 0-14 0-130
ST53 Sealed, Threaded (High Temp.) 175mm PG 13.5 0-14 0-130
ST53 Sealed, Threaded (High Temp.) 225mm PG 13.5 0-14 0-130
ST53 Sealed, Threaded (High Temp.) 325mm PG 13.5 0-14 0-130

Steam Sterilizable Fermentor pH Electrode

Process applications present some major challenges to the pH measurement system. The most common are long distances, temperature extremes, electrical interferences, high pressure, junction poisoning or fouling and chemical/physical breakage. For each of these common problems, developed specific electrodes for excellent performance in all types of process applications.

Due to the high resistance of the glass membrane inside a pH electrode, conventional pH measuring systems utilize high impedance signal transmission. Poor insulation of the electrode connectors and cables results in high susceptibility to electrical leakage/noise and humidity which tends to give erroneous pH readings. As a result, particular care has to be taken in connecting the electrode to the metering system. For this conventional system, the cable length is restricted to typically less than 33 feet (10 m). A high impedance meter is required and it is necessary to provide for high insulation at all connections.

Cat# Description pH Range Temperature Range °C
ST51 Sealed, Threaded 0-14 0-80
ST51 Sealed, Threaded (High Temp.) 0-14 0-130

Industrial Electrodes

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