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Porcelain Labware
Please note that a number of Porcelain products are available, other than what are listed here, like Casseroles, Instrument Trays, etc. If you do not see what you require, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

Evaporating Basin (China Dish), Porcelain
Make: J Brand.
Round form. Glazed both sides. With Spout.

Cat# Dia (Capacity)
5251 50 mm. (20ml)
5252 60 mm. (40ml)
5253 75 mm. (100ml)
5254 100 mm. (175ml)
5255 125 mm. (450ml)
5256 150 mm. (850ml)
5257 200 mm. (1700ml)
5258 250 mm. (3300ml)
5259 300 mm. (4500ml)
Also available: Flat Form Evaporating Basin. Please enquire for smaller/bigger sizes in the above.

Porcelain Evaporating Basin

Crucible, Porcelain
Make: J Brand.
Squat form, Glazed, With Lids.

Cat# Capacity
5261 10ml.
5262 15ml.
5263 25ml.
5264 50ml.
Please enquire for larger sizes.
Also available:
Micro Crucible - Squat form, glazed with lids.
Crucible - Tall form, all glazed with lids.

Porcelain Crucible

Gooch Crucible, Porcelain
Make: J Brand.
Tall form, Fixed perforated bottom, all glazed except outer bottom.

Cat# Capacity
5271 30ml.
5272 50ml.
Please enquire for smaller sizes.

Porcelain Gooch Crucible

Buchner Funnel, Porcelain
Make: J Brand.
With fixed perforated plates, all glazed.

Cat# Top Dia.
5280 35 mm.
5281 50 mm.
5282 60 mm.
5283 75 mm.
5284 100 mm.
5285 125 mm.
5286 150 mm.
5287 200 mm.
5288 250 mm.
5289 300 mm.
Also available: Hirsch Funnels and Table Funnels.

Porcelain Buchner Funnel

Pestle & Mortar, Porcelain
Make: J Brand.
Outer glazed, Inner unglazed. Heavy walled. With wooden handle pestle. Acid & Alkali resistant. Pestle unglazed to grinding surface. Pestle oversized for hand comfort in grinding.
Pestles of complete porcelain are available on special order.

Cat# Top Dia. Capacity
5291 ID: 60 mm. OD: 80 mm. 60 ml.
5292 ID: 75 mm. OD: 90 mm. 100 ml.
5293 ID: 85 mm. OD: 105 mm. 150 ml.
5294 ID: 100 mm. OD: 125 mm. 275 ml.
5295 ID: 125 mm. OD: 155 mm. 550 ml.
5296 ID: 150 mm. OD: 180 mm. 900 ml.
5297 ID: 175 mm. OD: 200 mm. 1500 ml.
5298 ID: 200 mm. OD: 230 mm. 2000 ml.
5299 ID: 250 mm. OD: 285 mm. 4200 ml.
- ID: 300 mm. OD: 330 mm. 7000 ml.
- ID: 350 mm. OD: 400 mm. -
- ID: 400 mm. OD: 450 mm. -

Porcelain Pestle Mortar

Desiccator Plate, Porcelain
Make: J Brand.
One side glazed. For glass desiccators. With numerous holes. Without feet.

Cat# Dia. of Desiccator
(actual plate dia.)
5301 100 mm (95mm).
5302 120 mm (115mm).
5303 150 mm (140mm).
5304 200 mm (190mm).
5305 250 mm (230mm).
5306 300 mm (285mm).
Also available: Desiccator Plate with Feet, Desiccator Plate with numerous small holes.

Porcelain Desiccator Plate

Beehive Shelf, Porcelain
Make: J Brand. Glazed

Cat# Size
5311 60 mm.
5312 75 mm.

Porcelain Beehive Shelf

Spotting Plate, Porcelain
Make: J Brand.
White Porcelain. One side glazed. With depressions.

Cat# Size
5321 6 depressions.
5322 12 depressions.

Porcelain Spotting Plate

Combustion Boat, Porcelain
Make: J Brand.
Glazed or unglazed Refractory porcelain.
Size mentioned is L x W x H.

Cat#: 5345. Size: 86x13x11 mm.
Cat#: 5344. Size: 80x12x10 mm.
Cat#: 5346. Size: 90x13x11 mm.
Cat#: 5347. Size: 120x13x11 mm.

Porcelain Combustion Boat

Other Porcelain Products
Porcelain Trough
Evaporating Basin - Flat form with lip.
Casserole - Flat form with lip and porcelain handle.
Casserole - Deep form with lip and porcelain handle.
Micro Crucible - Squat form, glazed with lids.
Rose's Crucible - with cover and tube, glazed or unglazed.
Bitumen Crucible.
Filter Disc
Beakers - All glazed with lips.
Hirsch Funnel - with fixed perforated plates, all glazed.
Table Funnel
Mercury Trough - Round form or Oval form.
Galli Pots - with lids, all glazed.
Galli cups - all glazed.
Inhalers - Dr. Nelson's type - with cork and tube, all glazed.
Feeding cups - all glazed.
Neti Pot (Nose wash pot) - all glazed.
Folker's Instrument Tray - all glazed with 12 instrument rests and spout.
Tray (Plain)
Dye Pots - Conical and Flat.
Porous Pot
Clay Pipe Triangles
Streak Plate
Acid Tray
Acid Resistant Tiles
Spatula - Flat and Ceramic Spoon-cum-Spatula
Porous Trough
Pot Mills
Moth Crusher - With ten pestles.
High Alumina products - Crucible, Mortar & Pestle

High Alumina Products
Make: J Brand.
High Alumina Crucibles/Mortars.
J Brand High Alumina ware is made of 99.6% pure aluminum oxide. Highly resistant to chemical attack, this alumina ceramic ware is especially useful to chemists metallurgists and other involved in high temperature work demanding contamination free results.
High Alumina ware is highly refractory meant for use in reducing and oxidizing atmospheres. It is inert in hydrogen and carbonaceous atmospheres and offers high resistance to alkalies and other fluxes. Suitable for glass melting including borosilicate glass.
Recommended for use with refractory metal such as Molybdenum, Platinum, Rhodium, Tungsten, Tantalum and Iridium. High alumina labware temperature change rate should not exceed 150°C per hour.
These high alumina ware items are available on special order basis. Other shapes are also available. Other information regarding high alumina ware properties is available upon request.

Crucible High Form, High Alumina.
Cat# Top Diameter Height Capacity
J1301 38 mm 35 mm 20 ml
J1302 48 mm 47 mm 50 ml
J1303 58 mm 61 mm 100 ml

High Alumina Crucible and Mortar Pestle

Pestle & Mortar, Agate
Carved out of a single piece of stone, very hard. Grey/white is original agate - ideal for high purity work, to avoid contamination.

Size Black colour Grey/white colour
2" Cat#: 5401. Cat#: 5411.
2.5" - Cat#: 5412.
3" Cat#: 5403. Cat#: 5413.
4" Cat#: 5404. Cat#: 5414.
5" Cat#: 5405. Cat#: 5415.
6" Cat#: 5406. Cat#: 5416.

Agate Pestle Mortar

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