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Pipettes and Accessories

Tarsons Serological Pipette
Material: PS. Radiation Sterilised.

Cat#: Capacity ml Packing
940010 1 500
940020 2 500
940030 5 250
940040 10 200
940000 25 200
940001 50 100

Tarsons Serological Pipette

Sh Pipettes, Serological (Graduated)
Material: Borosilicate Glass.
Accurate and heavy walled glass pipettes. With permanent graduations.

Cat#: Capacity ml. Sub div. ml.
3740 0.1 0.01
3741 0.2 0.01
3742 0.5 0.02
3743 1.0 0.01
3744 2.0 0.02
3745 5.0 0.05
3746 10.0 0.10
3747 20.0 0.20
3748 25.0 0.20
3749 50.0 -

Sh Serological Pipette

Sh Pipettes, Volumetric
Material: Borosilicate Glass.
Accurate and heavy walled glass pipettes. Single mark.

Cat#: Capacity ml. Sub div. ml.
3751 1 0.01
3752 2 0.02
3753 5 0.03
3754 10 0.04
3755 20 0.06
3756 25 0.06
3757 50 0.10
3758 100 0.10

Sh Volumetric Pipette

Sh Pipettes, Pasteur
Long, fine tipped. Available in both Borosilicate Glass and Neutral Glass. Supplied with rubber teats. Pack of 12nos.

Cat#: 3785. Pasteur Pipette, Borosilicate Glass.
Cat#: 3781. Pasteur Pipette, Neutral Glass.

Sh Pasteur Pipette

Tarsons Pasteur Pipette
Material: LDPE.
High quality plastic Pasteur Pipettes, available in both Sterile and Non-Sterile, in 2 sizes. With built-in bulb.

Cat#: Capacity Packing
940070 1ml Non-Sterile. 500
940080 1ml Sterile. 500
940050 3ml Non-Sterile. 500
940060 3ml Sterile. 500

Tarsons Pasteur Pipette

STERIPETTE XL - Pipette Controller
Light-weight, cordless, Battery operated Pipette Controller. Handles both glass and plastic pipettes from 0.1ml to 100ml. UV-Resistant. With Lithium ion battery.

Cat#: 2040. STERIPETTE XL - Pipette Controller.
Cat#: 2041. Spare Filters, 3 per Pack.

Steripet XL Pipette Controller

STERIPET - Pipette Controller
Cat#: 2020. STERIPET - Pipette Controller. --DISCONTINUED.
Steripet Pipette Controller

Tarsons Pipette Top
Material: PP/Silicone.
Pipet Top offers safer, more convenient filling and dispensing for glass & plastic pipettes from 1ml to 100ml. Pull the slide lever when suction is needed. A single rocker switch accurately controls aspiration and dispensing. Disposable in-line filter prevents contamination.

Cat#: 2010. Capacity: 1 - 100ml.

Tarsons Pipette Top

Tarsons Fast Release Pipette Pump
Cat#: 035000, 036000, 037000. --DISCONTINUED.
Tarsons Fast Release Pipette Pump

Tarsons Handypette Pipette Aid
Material: PP/Silicone.

Cat#: Capacity Packing
032000 10 4
033000 25 4

Tarsons Handypette Pipette Aid

Tarsons Pipette Bulb
Material: Natural Rubber.
This is a superior solution for pipetting. This bulb attaches to any glass/plastic pipette. The bulb is compressed to evacuate air. Two valves provided below the bulb control the aspirating & dispensing action of the bulb. Very superior control, One piece rubber construction.

Cat#: 034000. Capacity: Up to 100ml.

Tarsons Pipette Bulb

Tarsons Pipette Storage Rack
Material: ABS. With Magnet.
Racks hold 1ml to 25ml, in bulk, in packs or in common sizes of cans. They feature 4 angled compartments for easy loading and retrieval. Unique "windows" allow viewing of enclosed pipettes to determine supply level. ABS plastic construction is scratch resistant and easily cleaned. Each rack includes two accessory attachment to hold pipette filler and pipette bulb.

Cat#: 161050. Pipette Storage Rack. 1 per pack.

Tarsons Pipette Storage Rack

Tarsons Pipette Stack Rack
Securely interconnected side wise due to presence of magnets on either sides. Angled shelves provide storage of 1 to 50ml pipettes. Protective lid to prevent dust.

Cat#: 161020. Pipette Stack Rack. Set of 3 per pack.

Tarsons Pipette Stack Rack

Tarsons Pipette Rack
Material: PP.
Stable A-type rack holds 12 pipettes in horizontal manner. Ideal if pipette is to be re-used.

Cat#: 162010. Pipette Rack Horizontal. For 12 Pipettes.

Tarsons Pipette Rack

Tarsons Pipette Stand
Material: PP.
Vertical, carousel type stands hold multiple pipettes. Bases are heavy, making the stand very stable. Slots for pipette tips hold pipettes securely without breakage. Base also has a channel to collect drips.

Cat#: 161010. Pipette Stand Vertical. For 28 Pipettes.
Cat#: 161040. Pipette Stand Vertical. For 94 Pipettes.

Tarsons Pipette Stand Tarsons Pipette Stand

Tarsons Pipette Washer
Material: PP.
With basket for holding pipettes. Washer when connected to tap, will fill up, and drain completely when full. This continuous filling and draining action cleans the pipettes effectively.

Cat#: 160010. Pipette Washer. For Pipettes up to 40cm length.

Tarsons Pipette Washer

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