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Labline manufactures a range of Needle Destroyers and Blood Mixers.

Needle Destroyer
A must for any lab which handles Syringes & Needles.
Sturdy metal body - powder coated to resist corrosion. This device can burn needles of 30 to 20 gauge. An SS Syringe cutter is provided. Burning temperature: 1400°C to 1800°C. Destruction Time: 1.5-3 seconds.
Model: ND-22. Needle Destroyer - with Syringe cutter.
Model: ND-55. Needle Destroyer - with Syringe cutter. (But, with ABS/metal body)
Needle Destroyer w. Syringe Cutter

Needle Destroyer - Portable
Portable, battery powered model.
Sturdy ABS & metal body - Light-weight, portable design. This device can burn needles of 30 to 20 gauge. Battery capacity: Max 75 needles. With battery status indicator and Buzzer. Supplied with AC/DC adaptor for battery charging.
Model: ND-44. Needle Destroyer - Portable.
Needle Destroyer - Portable

Blood Mixer
Blood Mixer homogenises blood before a test. It provides gentle mixing without any shaking or vibration.
Vacutainer tubes are placed on the rollers and the tubes are rotated evenly. The action is 3-dimensional, while simultaneously rotating the tube. The 4 rollers run at a constant 30 RPM. A mixing time of 15-20 minutes is ideal.
Model: BM-11. For 6 tubes of 4ml Vacutainer.
Model: BM-22. For 12 tubes of 4ml Vacutainer.
Blood Mixer

Dry Bath
Dry Bath is a compact and convenient instrument for incubation of tubes.
Digital Temperature Controller, Range: 35-90°C. Accuracy: ±0.5°C at 37°C, ±3% except 37°C. Timer: Digital 1-999. Capacity: 24 Tubes of 12mm Diameter. Metal body.
Model: DBI-11.
Dry Bath

Vortex Mixer
For quick & thorough mixing of liquids in test tubes, small flasks or bottles.
Consists of an enamel finished housing containing the motor with an eccentric drive to a rubber buffer on the top. The thyristorized speed controller enables stepless adjustment of speed of oscillations. Continuously Variable Speed, Range: 0-2500 RPM. Touch & Continuous modes. Metal body.
Model: VM-11.
Vortex Mixer

Labline Rocking Platform
Capacity: 24 Vacutainer tube of 4ml Capacity OR 2 Tray of Western Blot. Note: Both rubber pads are included with the unit.
Motion: Tilting - 15° from horizontal on both side (Total 30°).
Speed: 15 rocks / minute.
Platform Size: 172mm x 151mm.
Model: RP-11.
Labline Rocking Platform

Labline Rotary Mixer
Capacity: 8 Vacutainer tube of 4ml Capacity AND 8 ESR Tube (8mm). (Total: 16nos).
Speed: 15 RPM.
Device Size: 188 (L) x 221 (W) x 260 (H) mm.
Motion: Circular motion of the disc, while it is maintained at a fixed angle of 38°.
Model: RM-11.
Rotary Mixer

Labline Differential Blood Cell Counter
Digital Differential Blood Cell Counter with LCD displays, 8 Key for Cell Counting and 4 keys for other functions, Stop Watch and Timer Functions, etc.

Model: DC-11. Metal Body. With Membrane Keys.

Model: DC-22. ABS Body. With Membrane Keys.

Model: DC-33. ABS Body. With Computer Connectivity, 50 Record Memory. With individual plastic Keys.

Labline Differential Blood Cell Counter DC-11
Labline Differential Blood Cell Counter DC-22
Labline Differential Blood Cell Counter DC-33

A centrifuge engineered to the exacting needs of modern day diagnostic labs. Very economical, easy to use and attractively priced. Rugged and reliable, excellent for routine tests.
Max. speed: 3100 RPM. With swing-out head & Universal (AC/DC Carbon brush) type motor. 5 speed. Optional timer of 0-30 minutes, to automatically stop the run at the end of the set time.
Capacity Max.RCF Model
Without Timer With Timer
For 4 tubes of 15ml 1750 x g CF-11 CF-33
For 6 tubes of 15ml 1750 x g CF-22 CF-44

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