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SAFESKIN Purple Nitrile Gloves
Unique purple colour provides quick, visual differentiation from natural rubber latex gloves. Textured fingertips enhance wet and dry grip. Gloves are powder-free, minimizing the potential for powder-related complications. Very strong and durable compared to Latex. Non-sterile.

Size Length: 9.5".
Length: 12".
Small Cat#: KC-500-S. Cat#: 391050.
Medium Cat#: KC-500-M. Cat#: 391060.
Large Cat#: KC-500-L. Cat#: 391070.

SAFESKIN Purple Nitrile Gloves

HANDS-ON Nitrile Gloves
Nitrile Examination Gloves, 9.5" length. Super-soft. Pefect sensitivity and comfort. Thickness 4 mils. Non-sterile.

Cat#: Size Packing.
370100. Small 100nos
370110. Medium 100nos
370120. Large 100nos

HANDSON Nitrile Gloves

Latex Examination Gloves
Thin Gloves, made from Latex rubber. Powdered. Single use only.
Supplied loose in packs of 100nos (not paired).

Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large.

Latex Exam Glove

Latex Surgical Gloves
High quality Surgical grade Gloves, made from Latex rubber. Powdered. With beaded cuffs.
Supplied paired, in packs of 25 pairs.

Sizes available: 6", 6 1/2", 7", 7 1/2", 8".
Available in Sterile (ETO) or Non-Sterile.

Latex Surgical Glove

Industrial Gloves - Chemical resistant
Acid and alkali proof gloves. Ideal for washing.
Supplied in pairs.
Size (Length) Standard Quality
Dx. Pure Rubber
10" 5181. 5191.
12" 5182. 5192.
14" 5183. 5193.
16" 5184. 5194.
18" 5185. 5195.
22" 5186. 5196.
24" 5187. 5197.
Industrial Rubber Gloves

Plastic Gloves - Disposable
Thin Polythene gloves. Sterile. Single use.

Cat#: 1581. Pkt of 25 numbers.
Cat#: 1582. Full arm length (veterinary use). Pkt of 100 numbers.

Plastic Disposable Gloves

Tarsons Hand Protector Grip
Made of Silicon Rubber, it protects the palm and fingers from heat when carrying or handling hot glassware.
Thumb and fingers fit into end pockets. Gripping surface has studs for non-slip grip. Ideal for removing flasks/beakers from Microwave Ovens and Water Baths. Not for oven use. Up to 250°C only.

Cat#: 800000. Tarsons Hand Protector Grip.

Tarsons Hand Protector Grip

Silicon Rubber Glove
Made of Silicon Rubber, ideal for holding hot glassware, other objects, etc. Ideal for Autoclave use as it is water-proof. Can withstand temperatures up to 250°C. Non-slip, ambidextrous, flexible and durable. Chemical resistant.

Cat#: 5235. Silicon Rubber Glove.

Silicon Rubber Glove

Kevlar Gloves - Heat Resistant
Made of Kevlar, ideal for Ovens, Furnace use etc. Not water-proof, so please be careful when handling hot liquids.
Can withstand temperatures up to 750°C.

Cat#: 1571. Kevlar Gloves, Length: 14 inch.

Kevlar Gloves

Tarsons Glove Dispenser
Very convenient method of dispensing gloves straight from the box. Wall mounted. Frees valuable counter space. Just insert the carton box of gloves and open its front. Made of acrylic.

Cat#: 370050. For 1 Glove Box.
Cat#: 370060. For 2 Glove Boxes.
Cat#: 370070. For 3 Glove Boxes.

Tarsons Glove Dispenser

Cryo Gloves
Other Safety products.

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