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Equitron Equitron

Expandable and Flexible storage system for slides.
Each stackable cabinet stores 2520 slides (individual) in just 1.25² feet.
Can stack up to 3 cabinets - one above the other.
Drawer does not fall down even when fully pulled out

Cat#: 6005. Individual Storage Cabinet for 2,250 slides.
Cat#: 6050. Base - suitable up to 3 cabinets.

Equitron Slide Cabinet

Petri Boxes in Stainless Steel, Joint-less, Die-pressed Body and Lid.
Petri Box supplied with internal Petri Dish Carrier suitable for appx. 10 dishes.
Pipette Box in full Stainless Steel construction.
Unique autoclavable tip-saver cushion at bottom in Pipette Boxes.

Cat# Product Dimensions
6601 Pipette Box Ø 60 x 380 mm. (15 x 2½" Ø)
6605 Pipette Box Ø 50 x 450 mm. (18 x 2" Ø)
6620 Petri Dish Box, for upto Ø 65mm (outer) plates Ø 75 x 190 mm. (7½ x 3" Ø)
6621 Petri Dish Box, for upto Ø 100mm (outer) plates Ø 110 x 250 mm. (10 x 4¼ " Ø)

Cat#: 6641. Petri Dish Sterilising Box - with Sliding Band. (NEW)
Unique Perforated Sliding band, enabling easy sterilisation.
Flexible handle for easy handling.
Stainless Steel Joint-less die-pressed body and lid.
With internal Petri Dish Carrier, suitable for approximately 10 dishes.

Equitron Petridish Box Equitron Pipette Box Equitron Petridish Box with Sliding Band

Complete SS construction, these 10 & 25 slide capacity Racks & Troughs are excellent for staining slides in bulk.
Racks are Die-punched from Stainless Steel.
Trough is joint-less Stainless Steel, with rounded edges for easy cleaning.

Cat#: 6142. Slide Staining Rack - 10 Slides.
Cat#: 6145. Slide Staining Rack - 25 Slides.
Cat#: 6152. Slide Staining Trough - 10 Slides.
Cat#: 6155. Slide Staining Trough - 25 Slides.

Cat#: 3586. Slide Staining Trough (Soda Glass) - Perfect fit for 6145 Staining Rack 25 Slide. (Not Equitron)

Equitron Slide Staining Racks Equitron Slide Staining Troughs
Glass Slide Staining Trough


Cat#: 6121. Slide Staining Stand - 28cm long. Full SS - rigid construction. For washing slides / heating slides with a spirit lamp.
Cat#: 6115. Slide Drying Tray - With 4 Grooves, 30cm long. SS. To hold the slides at an angle. Glossy finish - drains off water easily.
Cat#: 6105. Slide Viewing Tray - For 24 Slides. Aluminium, embossed and powder-coated. To arrange the slides flat hence making viewing easy.

Equitron Slide Trays

Equitron Test Tube Racks
Test Tube Racks, Double Tier - SS.
Stainless Steel, Die-punched, burr-free holes.
Double Tier racks - Top and Centre punched, bottom plain.
Cat# Product Type Description
6205 Kahn-30 Ø 13mm x 30 holes (3 x 10)
6209 Kahn-48 Ø 13mm x 48 holes (4 x 12)
6235-12 2T-12x20 Ø 20mm x 12 holes (2 x 6)
6235-24 2T-24x20 Ø 20mm x 24 holes (3 x 8)
6235-48 2T-48x20 Ø 20mm x 48 holes (4 x 12)
6242-12 2T-12x26 Ø 26mm x 12 holes (2 x 6)
6242-24 2T-24x26 Ø 26mm x 24 holes (3 x 8)
6245-12 2T-12x32 Ø 32mm x 12 holes (2 x 6)
6248-12 2T-12x40 Ø 40mm x 12 holes (2 x 6)
6248-24 2T-24-40 Ø 40mm x 24 holes (3 x 8)
Equitron Test Tube Stands

Stainless Steel, Deep drawn Test Tube Caps.
Test Tube Cap for 38mm, extra long and heavy weight.
Test Tube Cap for 19mm, 25mm and 38mm are available with notches also. For light duty.

Cat#: 6390-27. Test Tube Cap, SS - For 25mm Tube.
Cat#: 6390-3954. Test Tube Cap, SS - For 38mm Tube.
Cat#: 6391-N19. Test Tube Cap, SS with Notch - For 19mm Tube.
Cat#: 6391-N25. Test Tube Cap, SS with Notch - For 25mm Tube.
Cat#: 6391-N38. Test Tube Cap, SS with Notch - For 38mm Tube.

Equitron Test Tube Cap Equitron Test Tube Cap with Notches

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