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Electrophoresis Tanks, Power Supplies and Accessories
Submarine Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems
Nucleic Acids (DNA / RNA) fragments are routinely separated in agarose gels under (buffer) submerged conditions. This process, known as Submarine Gel Electrophoresis maintains temperature & pH during electrophoresis.
Biotech manufactures different models of submarine gel systems from baby to maxi models to resolve 4 to 100 samples at a time. Every system has been devoted to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of low buffer consumption, fast run and better separation.
Cat# Description
03-01 Baby - Gel 7 x 3.5 cm
03-02 Mini - Gels 10 x 7, 5 x 7 cm
03-03 Analytical - Gels 13 x 13, 6 x 6 cm
03-04 Preparative - Gel 25 x 13 cm
03-05 Maxi - Gel 20 x 25 cm,
with UVT platform for PCR samples upto 104 samples
Submarine Gel Horizontal Electrophoresis System Submarine Gel Horizontal Electrophoresis System

Vertical Slab Gel Electrophoresis Systems
PolyAcrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE) in Slabs is a widely used techniques. Molecular size of Polypeptides can be determined by SDS PAGE. They can be transferred on to membranes for antibody detection.
Biotech manufactures mini / regular size gel apparatus. Dual models are dedicated for enzymes studies at controlled temperatures. New baby model is very efficient in resolution.
Cat# Description
05-01 Mini - One 8 x 7 cm gel
05-02 Regular - One 16 x 14 cm gel
05-03 Dual Mini - Two 8 x 7 cm gels
05-05 Dual Regular - Two 16 x 14 cm gels
05-07 New Baby - One 8 x 7 cm gel
05-05 2D PAGE System, Mini for 8 x 7 cm gel
05-06 2D PAGE System, Regular for 16 x 14 cm gel
Mini Vertical Slab Gel Electrophoresis System Regular Vertical Slab Gel Electrophoresis System

Electrophoresis Power Packs
BIOTECH manufactures wide range of power packs for electrophoresis. Stabilized voltage / current output, sturdy cabinet, elegant color; overload / short-circuit protection & long standing performance are the salient features. Their upright designs occupy small foot area on working table.
Economy model minipack; Analytical model to perform all kinds of low voltage techniques; Versatile model and HiCurrent power packs are specially manufactured to cater to all demands of low / high intensity blotting techniques.
Cat# Description
10-02 Mini Pack - Output: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 V DC
10-03 Analytical Model - Output: 0-30 V DC; 100mA;
Overload/short-circuit; Automatic cross-over and timer
10-04 Versatile Model - Output: 0-500 V DC; 500mA
10-05 Low-Current Model, for low intensity blotting: 60V - 3A
10-06 Hi-Current Model, for High intensity blotting: 250V - 2.5A
Electrophoresis Power Supply

Biotech manufactures a wide of range of Transilluminators for Visual & UV light sources. They have been designed to provide uniform and high intensity light sources to detect even nanogram quantitty bands. Durable high wattage lamps are housed in a sturdy metal boxes. Heat generated during operation is removed by exhaust fan.
Cat# Description
09-01 School Boy - UV Transilluminator: View 10x10cm.
09-02 School Boy - Combined Vis-UV Transilluminator: View 10x10cm.
09-03 College Model - UV Transilluminator: View 25x13cm.
09-04 College Model - Combined Vis-UV Transilluminator:
View 25x13cm and 20x20cm.
09-05 Research Model - UV Transilluminator: View 20x20cm.
09-06 Research Model - Combined Vis-UV Transilluminator:
View 20x20cm and 20x20cm.
09-07 White Light Transilluminator: View 20x20cm.
09-08 UV Torch - Advanced. With Imported UV Filter.
09-09 Advanced Model - UV Transilluminator, Mini:
View 10x10cm. With Imported UV Filter
09-10 Advanced Model - UV Transilluminator, Standard:
View 20x20cm. With Imported UV Filter
Transilluminator School Transilluminator College Transilluminator Combined

Gel Documentation Systems
BIOTECH offers two models of Gel Documentation systems with imported UV filter; high intensity mid-range UV lamps; latest digital camera and advanced software for efficient analysis. They are housed in an ergonomically designed rugged metal boxes. Simplicity of operation, spares availability, prompt service and at affordable prices make them unique.
The advanced model workstation is having a larger external monitor for live & convenient viewing of images quite useful for group demonstrations. The advanced software has features like dendrogram analysis.

Cat#: 13-01-01. Gel Documentation - Basic Model.
Includes 6.0 Megapixel Digital Camera; Compact Dark Room; Wide shutter for convenience; Transilluminator with imported UV Filter; mid-range (312nm) UV Lamps; Cooling Fan; Fold-back white light illuminator; epi-illumination of UV & white light lamps. (Without Software, Computer, Printer).

Cat#: 13-01-02. Gel Documentation - Advanced Model.
Includes 6.0 Megapixel Digital Camera; Compact Dark Room; Wide shutter for convenience; Transilluminator with imported UV Filter; mid-range (312nm) UV Lamps; Cooling Fan; Fold-back white light illuminator; epi-illumination of UV & white light lamps. Large external LED monitor for live demo. (Without Software, Computer, Printer).

Cat#: 13-01-02. 1D Gel Analysis Software - Basic.
Image acquisition, crop, brightness, contrast, auto/manual lane forming, band detection, RF, MW determination, densitometry, quantitation of bands, report generation, etc.

Cat#: 13-02-02. 1D Gel Analysis Software - Advanced.
Same as Basic, with dendogram analysis: Single/UPGMA linkage, simple, Jaccard & Dice methods; similarity & dissimilarity analysis.

Electrophoresis Gel Doc System

Electro Transfer (Blotting) Systems
Different models of Blotting aparatus for electrophoretic transfer of Proteins / nucleic acids from gels on to membranes, are available. This process is known as Western Blotting or Northern Blotting. It is essential for detection / identification of fragments.
Biotech also manufactures 'Semi Dry' blotters to save buffer. Blotting is rapid and efficient too. They are available in mini as well as regular sizes. Graphite electrodes are used, hence cheaper.
Cat# Description
08-02 Bioblot - Mini. Single gel cassette - 8x7cm gel.
08-03 Bioblot - Mini. Dual gel cassette - Two 8x7cm gel.
08-04 Bioblot - Regular. Single gel cassette - 16x14cm gel.
08-05 Bioblot - Regular. Dual gel cassette - Two 16x14cm gel.
08-06 Bioblot - Semi Dry. 10x10cm with Graphite Electrodes.
08-07 Bioblot - Semi Dry. 20x20cm with Graphite Electrodes.
Electrophoresis Blotting System Electrophoresis Semi Dry Blotting System

Sequencing Gel Systems
Poly Acrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE) is widely used for Proteins as well as nucleic acids samples. The Variable gel apparatus can be conveniently used to perform a variety of jobs in a single apparatus. Different size of gels, from mini to long gels are used depending on the number of fragments to be resolved. Mini gels are generally used for separating about 25 bands whereas, long gels are employed to resolve up to about 500 bands. In sequencing, to maintain uniformity in gel temperature, aluminum back plate is attached.
Cat# Description
06-03 Slab Gel System - Variable Model (Size and Thickness)
Electrophoresis Slab Gel System


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